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Edith Albarado

Memorial created 04-18-2007 by
Edie Albarado
Jason Paul Hilton
September 25 1978 - February 15 2003

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09-25-2016 8:20 PM -- By: Just a mom,  From: Tennessee  

I am just a mom, just a mom who lost a son. He was 30 when he passed away. My heart broke that day. I have never recovered. Oh, I get up and go about my day. I get up, put on my make up. Go to work. Talk to people. Tell everyone I am ok. I lie. I still cry every day. I always will. Only another mom would understand. I did not know Jason. But I do know loss. Birthdays, holidays, passing over days are all hard. Today you are not alone, not today. He is with you in spirit as my son is with me. I have to believe that. So, hug each other. Love each other. Forgive each other. Take care of each other. For today....believe he is with you. Always and forever Ryan P Frye's Mom Jeanne

02-15-2016 1:30 AM -- By: Mama,  From:  

13 years Jason, 13 long years. I miss you so very much. How I wish I could have another day with you. To see those beautiful blue eyes. To see that boyish smile. To feel you place your head upon my shoulder, watching tv with me, as you so often did. To hear you jokingly call me Mamer. So many memories, I hold on to. So many questions of what could have been. Only God knows the answer to my "Why's?" Until we meet again...Sweet Child of Mine. I'll be missing you. Love, Always & Forever, Mama 

09-25-2015 3:22 PM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Happy Birthday Jason. I'm trying so hard to not cry today. I miss you so very much, son. Not a day goes by that, I wish I could see you again. So many words that were left unsaid. How I wish Jesus would tell you, just how special you are to me. You would have been 37 today, but forever you'll be a young 24, to me. I love you Jay, with all my heart. Always and Forever, Mama

02-15-2015 6:07 PM -- By: Mom To Michael Miller,  From: Alabama  

 Jason now lives in Heaven in his brand new home, right beside the river of life. He was called home 12 years ago. His face his mom can not see, his voice she can not hear. But there is never a day she didn't wish he was here. 

Tomorrow, will be 9 years since my son was called home. Maybe Jason and Michael has become friends in Heaven. 👼👼👼👼👼👼👼㈌ 4;👼👼👼👼👼👼👼€ 124;👼👼👼👼👼👼👼 28124;

02-14-2015 11:27 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

As I look upon the pretty flowers, candy, balloons and bears. Smiles on Valentine's Day. It seems they're everywhere.

But here I sit with my heart, as this day ends, and the new day slowly rises, and my agony just begins.

For 12 years ago this day, on Valentines Day that year, you walked out of my life, and left me full of tears.

For February 15th, 2003, brought to me the bad, sad news. God gained another Angel, and me, my son, I'd lose.

01-04-2015 7:53 PM -- By: Heather ,  From: Washington  

 I am really sorry that you lost Jason Paul Hilton.

Love Heather

09-27-2014 10:37 PM -- By: Jackie Strader,  From:  

 What a beautiful tribute, Edie!  He will always be Tom Sawyer to me :)  Always sweet, always handsome, and always in love with him mom.

09-25-2014 9:51 PM -- By: Joanne Milani,  From: Connecticut  

Absolutely beautiful tribute.

09-25-2014 9:36 PM -- By: Diane Matherne,  From: Harvey LA  

I remember Jason from many many years ago. He was always such a precious and beautiful child!

09-25-2014 3:52 PM -- By: joyce munguia,  From: westwego  

 am not sad anymore because I know one I will see you again. However I do miss yr crazyness and how u use to make me laugh and most of all they way u looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I know u r enjoying this special day. Because in heaven u dont get any older so happy jason plz. hug my sister for tell her how much i miss her.

Blowing Kiss's to Heaven R.I.P. 09/25/2014

09-25-2014 2:36 PM -- By: Ashley Mihail,  From: Prairieville, La.  

 Happy Birthday Jason. I've never met you or never know you, but I know your family.  I hope you have a wonderful Birthday in heaven. Send your momma a sign from heaven. I'm sure you would put a big smile on her face today. Your mom did a fantastic job on your memorial page, it's beautiful, it made me cry. Love you Ms. Eddie,  I am honored to read your sons legacy.  Thank you for sharing it with us.

09-25-2014 1:24 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy 36th Birthday Jason!!! How I miss you son. It's been such a long and hard journey. Not a day goes by that my heart aches for you. Thank you for all the signs you've sent me recently, especially this month. The lady wearing the dress covered in sunflowers, the coke that said share a coke with Jason. Those signs mean the world to me. They always show up right when I need them the most. As you celebrate another year in Heaven. Know that you are always on our minds and in our hearts. I love you son. Always, and Forever......Mama

02-18-2014 12:51 PM -- By: Christine, Luke,  From: Arizona  

Thinking of you Jason. Give Luke a hug for me.

Love, Christine, Luke's Mom May the force be with you.....

09-25-2013 12:59 PM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Oh my Sweet Baby Boy. How I miss you. Today you would have been 35 years old. I just can't even imagine you at that age, because in my mind you'll always be 24.  It's so hard to believe this is the 11th Birthday of yours that we must spend without you here. I'll forever hold the memory of your 24th Birthday, your last birthday here with us. How excited your little sister and brother were for you to see your cake. How Corey gave it away before you saw it. I know it didn't seem like such a big deal at the time, but the video I shot that day brings many smiles to my face. God I'm glad I shot that video. "Happy Birthday Jason!!!" I'll always love you Baby. I carry you in my heart everywhere I go. Like a drum my heart beats always for you.  Love, Always & Forever.......Mama


08-20-2013 2:13 PM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Today is your little brother Ben's birthday Jay. I know you are always watching over him. How I wish you could be here to celebrate with him. I miss you so very much son. 10 1/2 years have gone by so quickly, but yet it's as if time has stood still since the day you returned home to our Lord. The tears have fallen plentiful today. As I gaze upon your smiling picture, and wishing I could see you in person, but I feel your spirit often around me Son. You bring me comfort, when I'm at my lowest. I love you Jason, with all my heart.  Mama


02-18-2013 1:13 PM -- By: Mama,  From: Louisiana  

Hi Baby, Sorry I was unable to leave you a message on your Angelversary, but today 10 years ago, I laid you to rest.  Oh Jason, how I miss you.  After 10 years, it still seems so unreal. I keep waiting for you to walk back in that door. Everything I have achieved seems so pointless, since I can't share it with you. I try so hard to be happy, but I cant seem to find that peace, that I know you'd want me too.  I love you Jason and I'll always carry you with me in my heart, mind and soul.  Your sister misses you deeply also. How she wish you could have been apart of your niece and nephews lives. Your little brother barely remembers you now, and the brother you longed so desperately to meet again, thinks of you often.  Rest in Peace Sweet Child of Mine.  Love, Mama

02-15-2013 1:17 AM -- By: ,  From:  

gone ten years, still so loved and deeply missed.

God bless Jason's family.

10-22-2012 10:46 PM -- By: Mama,  From: Louisiana  

Hi Jay, I know I didn't send your birthday message last month, but you know I went to the cemetary and sung happy birthday to you.  There's not a day that goes by that I'm not missing you.  Tonite I heard Kryptonite on the radio, and of course I cried.  You always were and still are, my superman.  I love you so much son.  Sometimes this pain is so unbearable, I feel like I can't even breathe.  No amount of time will ever erase you from my heart, my Jay.  I'll carry you there, until we meet again.  I love you Jason.  Always, Mama

02-15-2012 11:40 PM -- By: joyce,  From: westwego girl  

wow! so many tears, Iwatching you grow up from a little boy to a grown man, never thought we came so close to shareing a life together only to realize that tomorrow is never promised. I tried so many times to put that day out of my head but it plays back time and time again  only made me realize our life ended no sooner it began. I have change my life around because of you missing you love yr ' jlo."

02-14-2012 10:42 PM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Hi My Baby.  It's so hard to believe that in 6 more hours, it will have been 9 long and painful years, that you've been gone.  Not a day goes by, that you're not always on my mind.  I go to sleep at night thinking of you, and I wake each morning, wishing this nightmare was all a bad dream, and you'd were standing there with that boyish grin.  How I wish I could look into those sky blue eyes again.  Hear you beat those drums.  I miss you so much Baby.  Happy Valentines Day Jay.  Say a prayer for Mama tonight.  Tell Jesus I said hello.  I love you son.  Always, Mama

12-13-2011 10:06 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi Baby.  Just stopping by tonight to let you know, I'm always thinking about you, and missing you so much.  Sometimes I just feel like giving up, but then I come here and visit with you for awhile.  Your smile, warms my heart.  How I wish I could hear your laughter again.  How I wish, I could hear the beat of your drums.  How I wish I could feel your head lay upon my shoulder again.  One day we will be together again, my son.  Until that time, I'll carry on, with your memory.  I love you Jason.  Always, Mama

09-25-2011 7:31 AM -- By: dragan-jovic's dad,  From: last-memories.com  

Jason,although  far  a way on other side the world, my thoughts and prayers go out to you on your Birthday.Such a beautiful young man. Sharing the pain of losing one so very loved. I am a Parent in similar situation  and my heart hurts for you .God Bless.Počivao u miru , Amen !

08-25-2011 1:38 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I miss you Jay.  I've been thinking about you a lot lately.  Of course there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, and miss that crazy sense of humor of yours.  How my laughter left right along with you.  Sending much love and many hugs up to you Baby.  Love, Mama

08-24-2011 3:30 PM -- By: Karson,  From: zGGoHqHhWzMRTUf  

Unbelievlabe how well-written and informative this was.

07-07-2011 10:40 PM -- By: ,  From:  


07-07-2011 10:40 PM -- By: ,  From: fla  

07-07-2011 10:39 PM -- By: ,  From: fla  

i am sorry for your loss...

06-04-2011 10:41 AM -- By: lori,  From:  


02-15-2011 11:21 PM -- By: Alan Carnahan,  From: Indianapolis, IN  



On Jason's 8th angelversary; I wanted to stop by and write a little comment into his guestbook. I have read most of the pages that you wrote in your son's honor.

I especially enjoyed reading your "Signs from Heaven" page. I also have a pages dedicated to signs from my son. I just made him another page, "To all the Christmases without them". It talked about a sign that my son gave me this last Christmas Eve.

My son, Crawford, my only child, didn't die like Jason and so many others like Jason. Not in a car accident, but, from a awful disease that he contacted just 2 weeks from graduating high school. This disease kills within days if not identified quickly. It wasn't and it killed him in just 4 days. Forever 18.

Remembering Jason on this special day.......8 years after he went to heaven.

From one parent to another that has lost their precious son;

With only memories left of our boys.......


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