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Edith Albarado

Memorial created 04-18-2007 by
Edie Albarado
Jason Paul Hilton
September 25 1978 - February 15 2003

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11-23-2007 1:26 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Well I made it through another Thanksgiving Jay. You were in my thoughts and my heart all day. Of course you know that don't you? It's been a rough week for me, but thank you for helping me through it. Your Love is with me always Jay. Happy Thanksgiving my Love. We miss you. Love, Mama

11-13-2007 11:48 AM -- By: julie buchanan(mom of Lawrence Buchanan),  From: Saltillo, Ms  

mom you did a wonderful job i also lost my oldest child to tree and car wreck my prayers are with you

10-19-2007 1:08 AM -- By: Sandy, Forever Brandon's Mom,  From: New Jersey  

Jason - Wanted to stop by tonight to say hello and to tell you what an amazing and loving Mom you have, but you already know that don't you? I know that my son Brandon knows that your Mom sends him blessings and thinks of him as well, but ask him to send her a special heavenly hug - she truly is a special lady and I am proud to call her friend. Continue to send your Mom all the love and hugs you can each and every day - she loves and misses you so very much. I pray each night for God to take care of my son Brandon for me and will continue to keep you and your heavenly buddies in my prayers too.

Love and hugs for a very handsome young man. Sandy

10-18-2007 6:45 PM -- By: MINDIE/SETH'S MOMMY,  From: OHIO  


10-14-2007 3:25 AM -- By: Mama,  From: Louisiana  

Jason, Thank you so much for remembering my Birthday Friday. You have such a way of making me feel better. You always have. But I miss you so much Baby. The fact that you came through to me through your sister makes me realize that you are watching over her. I know that you realize that she's been going through a rough time right now. She needs to feel you like I do. Send her some of those special signs Jay. Let her know that we all love her very much. Good night my love. Pray for us Jay. We all miss you so much. Love, Mama

10-13-2007 1:00 AM -- By: Sandy, Forever Brandon's Mom,  From: New Jersey  

Jason - How special you are to remember your loving Mom on her Birthday with your loving sign from Heaven. I know she will forever treasure your gift as she does your gifts from previous years. Please continue to send her your loving signs as she misses and loves you very much. ((((Hugs)))) and Prayers Jason - Sandy, Forever Brandon's Mom

PS: Can you please give my son Brandon one of those big ol' guy hugs and tell him I love him and miss him. Thanks Sweetie !!

10-11-2007 11:46 PM -- By: Mom,  From: Louisiana  

Tommorrow is my birthday Jay. Don't forget me ok. Send me a special sign baby, letting me know you remember me. I miss you so much Baby. I love you. Mama

10-03-2007 11:16 AM -- By: Debbie Wengert - Kevin's Mom,  From: Maryland  

Thinking of you Jason. Hope you are having a fine time in Heaven. Wish you were here with your family to enjoy it. RIP Sweetie.

09-27-2007 2:17 PM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, PA  

Dear Edie, Thank You for sharing the Beautiful Website You have Created In Memory of Your Sweet Son Jason. My heart aches for You, and can feel Your Pain, as I too lost two young Sons Brian 27 and Tim 25 on 3/22/0l, and my heart still aches, and I will be Forever missing Them. I understand how much You are missing Your Sweet Boy Jason. What a Wonderful, Handsome Young Man Your Sweet Son Jason was and is. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Boy Jason ((((((Edie & Jason))))) Love and Prayers, Your GP Friend, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Son Jason) and Sean on Earth.

09-27-2007 10:41 AM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001,  From: Arizona  

Hey Jason,

I love your beautiful website and all the wonderful photos of you and your family. I know that your mom misses you so very much. She has become a great friend of mine. Give Luke a hug for me and you boys play those drums and guitar just a little bit louder in heaven so that we can hear you.


Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001

09-27-2007 4:00 AM -- By: Vitaliy,  From: Moscow, Russia  

My thoughts to your family, who must have another birthday without your presence on earth. I hope that you are able to give to them signs that you are safe and ok where you are, and try to help them to find peace.

09-26-2007 9:51 AM -- By: Randi Atchison,  From: UT  

What a beautiful, precious son you have in Jason. Your words of the last evening you all had together brought tears to my eyes as so reminiscent of the loss of our 23 year old son, Terry.

We'll never have the answer to "Why" on this side, but the endurance of love and life on the other side we have great faith in. What a glorious reunion it will be when we are reunited with our precious angels.

How blessed we are to have had them in physical form then and spirit now.

Jason's love of family and love of life will live forever in that wonderful, glowing smile.

Love never dies and what a miracle, that our children who have passed, find ways to remind us of that every day.

With empathy, Randi

09-26-2007 12:57 AM -- By: Sylvia ~ Tony's Mom,  From: Elkmont , Alabama  

Happy Birthday Sweet Jason ! I know that Tony and all your Angel buddies are throwing you a party . Please visit your sweet Mom in her dreams . Love Sylvia

09-25-2007 11:45 PM -- By: Natalie, Anthony Paul,  From:  

Jason, I just wanted to stop by and tell you happy birthday in Heaven. As you know, this is a very hard day for your mother. She should be celebrating another year of you blessing the world instead she is left with only sweet memories of birthdays passed. Please keep her comforted today with lots of signs and Angel kisses. She is wonderful and I know you look down on her with pride at how she is handling you being gone with such grace. You and Anthony Paul do great things up there today and remember us missing you down here. Love, Natalie

09-25-2007 11:40 PM -- By: Mama,  From: Louisiana  

Well Jason, As the night is closing I just want to thank you for letting me see that your spirit is still watching over me. Thank you son for giving me those gifts on your Birthday. But that's just like you Jason. So giving. I love you Baby and I miss you so much. Happy Birthday Jay. Good night Sweetheart. Love, Mama

09-25-2007 4:25 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Happy Birthday My Sweet Jason. It's hard to believe that 29 years ago today God gave me a precious gift, you. I just wish He hadn't taken His gift back. You celebrate with all the Angels Baby. I love you Always and Forever, Mama

09-22-2007 7:08 PM -- By: Melanie Gauthier,  From:  

gone but never forgotten Rest in peace your always in my prayers

09-05-2007 9:32 AM -- By: Debbie Wengert,  From: Maryland  

Thinking of you Jason and hope that you are resting in peace. Shine brightly on your family that love and miss you so.

09-03-2007 6:03 PM -- By: Bonnie,  From: Florida  

This is a beautiful tribute to your Jason...may he rest in peace and comfort you in your time of need!

09-03-2007 5:24 PM -- By: Sylvia ~ Tony's Mom,  From: Elkmont , Alabama  

Hello sweet Jason , just stopping by to see u and ask you to send your sweet Mom lots of Angel Hugs and Kisses . If you would , please tell Tony to send his Mom extra kisses and hugs today .

09-03-2007 10:31 AM -- By: MINDIE/SETH'S MOMMY,  From: OHIO  


08-25-2007 3:44 AM -- By: Mom,  From: Louisiana  

In one month it will be your birthday again. I'm taking this year very hard. I miss you so much Jason. I can't even imagine you being 29. Because you are 24 Forever to me. Today is Uncle Tommy's Birthday. Tell him I said Happy Birthday. If you can, come visit me Jay. I miss your smile. I love you sweety. Forever Your Mom.

08-12-2007 9:22 AM -- By: Rita Josh's mom,  From:  

thank you Jason and Edie for remembering Josh today on his Heaven day.

07-27-2007 10:01 PM -- By: Debbie Booy,  From: Va  

Jason, you are a great guy and I have never actually met you,I've met your mom in GP,my son Chris is in heaven too,give your mom a sign of love,tell Chris to do the same,we miss you so very much

07-25-2007 7:14 PM -- By: tammy millet,  From: avondale,louisiana  

i did not know your son eddie but love the web sight you made .this is very touching .i know this is hard on you and the pain never seems go away .i will continue to keep you and your family and his family in my prayers

07-25-2007 9:45 AM -- By: Natalie,  From:  

Jason, You site is so wonderful. Your mom has really done a beautiful job honoring your life. I feel like I almost know you personally from all the stories and your site. Your mom really means a lot to me. She helps me more than she will know. She is having a difficult time right now and she needs your comfort, your love. Send her lots of signs and let her feel your kisses upon her sweet cheek. Keeping you in my prayers. Natalie

07-24-2007 8:03 PM -- By: Cherylann,  From: Canada  

Oh Edie, I have read every word on every page and I remember the essence of you and how we came to be friends in GP. While it is a blur I cannot forget the similarities of our precious boys. It is truly remarkable. Jason's soul lives on through you and thank you so very much for sharing him.

Love, Cherylann

07-24-2007 7:33 AM -- By: MINDIE/SETH'S MOMMY,  From: OHIO  


07-24-2007 12:21 AM -- By: Gini,  From: Philly. GP  

Hi Sweet heart. I too have a memorial here. For my son. Your Jason is a doll. So handsome. And a knock-out smile. Way too young. It's all backwards, our children are supposed to bury us.It must have been hard to tell the small kids that their brother and father will be gone for a long time. I don't claim to know why God has chosen our children to return to where they came from. Obviously he had a purpose. And that mission was completed. Someday we will be with our loved ones again, and all things will be understood. I'm very proud of my son. He finished his purpose, and has returned to the place he came from. We have to remember the children were on loan to us. Each time they fulfill their mission, they return to Our heavenly Father. How else would there be angels? I wish you the ability to sleep at night,smile, dream of beautiful things. Find peace within yourself. And if you are a praying person, a working relationship with a Higher Power. God bless you, and the rest of those people who were impacted by his death......hugs.......Gini

07-23-2007 11:19 PM -- By: julie,  From: mississippi  

great looking guy a nice web site I too lost my oldest son to auto accident little over a month ago god bless you and my your son rest in peace


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