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Edith Albarado

Memorial created 04-18-2007 by
Edie Albarado
Jason Paul Hilton
September 25 1978 - February 15 2003

Taken 30 Years Ago Today (Jason Paul Hilton)

Today you would have made 30 years old, my sweet son.  Happy Birthday Jason!!!  Though in my heart and my mind, you will forever be 24.  I can't help but think, what could have  been?  What should have been?  So today, I sit and remember a young life taken to soon from me.  I remember the happiness that filled my heart the day you were born.  The first time I held you.  Our first kiss.  How you looked me right in the eyes as they handed you to me.  As if to say, "Hey Mama, it's me Jason"  I will carry you with me forever dear child.  You are forever a part of me.  I miss you so much Jason.  So celebrate with the Angels my son.  Happy Birthday Jason!!!

Love,    Always & Forever   Mama


September Baby  by Edie Albarado (In Memory of Jason Paul Hilton)

Thirty years have come and gone,

it passed so very fast,

once upon a happier time,

that's now called the past.

On an Autumn afternoon,

he entered in my arms,

the bluest eyes I'd ever seen,

he filled me with his charms.

I held him close to my heart,

on that happy day.

He made me a mother,

a big boy the doctor would say.

Now thirty years later,

I sit and wonder maybe,

what my life would be like now.

If I still had my September Baby?


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