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Edith Albarado

Memorial created 04-18-2007 by
Edie Albarado
Jason Paul Hilton
September 25 1978 - February 15 2003

Jason's Story In Photos

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Christian Glitter by www.christianglitter.com


Wow I have a son !!!

I woke up to severe pains. I looked at the clock. It was 7:11am September 25, 1978. I was in labor. I woke up your dad, and of course I had to go get your grand-mother. When we got to her house. She asked if she could brush her teeth first. I told her yes, but hurry up. We got to the Hospital for 8am. At 1:04pm you came into this world. When the doctor said, "It's a Big Boy" I cried tears of joy. After the nurse was through weighing you and doing those nurse things, she handed you to me. You looked me right in the eyes, and I looked back into yours. From that moment, you were and will always be, Mama's Boy Forever !!!


9lbs 8 1/2 oz. You filled up the incubator

Everyone who came to see you Jason, couldn't believe how big you were. You took up the whole incubator.


Jason his first day home

I was so glad to finally have you Home and in my arms. You were such a good baby.


Jason 3 months old

I bought you this little Handy Man Shirt. You truly became my Handy Man, more than you could ever have imagined.


Jason 4 months old

This little shirt, had on it. I love Mom. Oh Jason, I knew that, and I sure loved you.


Jason age 2

Even at 2, you had a way of making faces, that made us laugh. You loved making us laugh. You were such a joy.


Kindergarten Graduation

At your Kindegarten Graduation, you and your class had to perform on stage a song,"The Greatest Love of All". Because of your heigth, they placed you in the back row. So that I could see you, you stood on your tip toes and looked over the other children. I was stretching my neck to see you. I was so proud to be your Mom.


Jason and Mom on his 7th Birthday

You and I were always a team. We shared secrets, laughter, tears, joy, and most of all LOVE!!!


Mom and Jason age 8

You were always there for Mama. Many times you told me,"It's going to be alright Mama" Your love carried me through the hardest times. It's your love that still carries me through this.

Jason and Santa 1985
Ashley & Jason with pet iguanas

I didn't have much money, but I always tried to give you children the things you wanted. Even Iquana's.


Jason attending dance with a friend

This young girl had no date to her prom. It was the last minute, Jason volunteered to take her. We had no time to get him a tuxedo. It didn't matter to him, although he was the only boy at that prom without a tuxedo, he wanted to help out his friend. She got to go to her Prom, and Jason showed that Friendship meant the world to him.


Jason and His daughter Sarah

This is my favorite picture of Jason with Sarah. God he loved his little Girl.


Old family photo

Jason was my only child with his father. After marrying Chris, my second husband, Jason always felt loved and special. Chris always introduced Jason as HIS SON!!!


Jason on Drums playing for Sarah

Jason learned to play the drums by himself. Never had a lesson, but you couldn't tell by listening to him play. He returned to where his gift came from....Heaven !!! God has another Little Drummer Boy !!!


Jason & Shannon(Young Love)

Jason met Shannon in 1991 when he was only 13 years old. I couldn't keep those 2 apart. They were inseperable. Making me a grandmother at age 39. After having their baby girl Sarah and much contemplation, they married on July 9, 2000. Their divorce was finaled 40 days before Jason died. Keep Shannon in your prayers. She morns deeply for Jason, and still loves him.


Jason is the Best Man

On February 14,1996, I married my second husband Chris Albarado. We had been together for 9 years. Chris loved Jason as his own son. So it was no surprise to me when he asked Jason to be his Best Man.


Jason's Car

Jason walked out of our back door at 10pm on my 7th Wedding Anniversary. His last words to me were:"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM" Five and a half hours later at 3:30am on February 15th, 2003, my first born child, loss control of his car in a curve on the River Road, he ran off the road and hit a pecan tree. The angels came swiftly. He died on impact. A priest heard the crash, ran out to him and gave him last rites. The priest's name was Father Heartline. I can't thank him enough. I now have a direct Heartline to Heaven.


Site where Jason left this world.

You were only 1.7 miles from home. It was foggy that night. We'll never know what caused you to swerve on that River Road, or why you couldn't have gone a few feet over and miss that damn tree. They are building a subdivision in that field. One day a home may sit where you left this Earth. I hope the family who lives there is a happy one, like we were. The name of the Subdivision will be "Hidden Lane" What a fitting name, for the Hidden Lane You took to Heaven started right there.

Jason's Death Notice
Jason's Mom after his funeral

After you died, I chopped all of my hair off. As I stood by the tree after your funeral, all I could think is This must be a bad dream, and I need to wake up. But the scar on that tree tells a different story.


Jason's Grave

Rest In Peace My Baby. You've retired your armor, and now Your spirit runs free with all who left before and after. Until we meet again sweet child of mine. Love and miss you. Mama christian glitter graphics myspace code christian images
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Jason and his maternal Grandmother

Jason's Maternal Grand Mother died exactly 2 months to the day before Jason. She died on 12/15/02 That Christmas I was shopping for and Angel for my daughter since she collects them. There was only one angel on the self at the store I was at. It had a chip in it. I bought it any way. When I unwrapped the newspaper it was in, there was my mother's death notice staring me in the face. The date was 12/23/03. I hollered for my husband to come see. I couldn't believe it. What were the chances? I looked closer at the angel, she had the same color hair as my mom, and the same color dress she wore at her funeral. The chip in it was on a drum she was holding. Jason was a drummer, Coincidence? With God I truly believe there are no coincidences. Thanks for the message Mom. I just wish I had known what it all meant then.


My Guardian Angel Always Watching Over Me

Jason was always helping me. He helped change his little sister and brothers diapers. He helped clean the house. And at the end, when he would come in from offshore the first place he came was to my job, to let me know he was home. He'd always hand me some money to help us out. He was always there for us, and now I know, he is still watching out for us. He truly is My Guardian Angel.
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Christmas Angel (2002)

The Miracle Angel, I bought on 12/23/02. I truly believe was a sign from my mother who passed away 12/15/02. Letting me know soon Jason would also be going Home!!!

Jason & Shannon

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