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Edith Albarado

Memorial created 04-18-2007 by
Edie Albarado
Jason Paul Hilton
September 25 1978 - February 15 2003

My Mother's Day Sign(Corey's gift)(Jason's sign)

I prayed hard last night, that somehow God would allow you to come through with a little sign on this Mother's Day. Since your death, I have associated you with Sunflowers. Of course I call them Sonflowers. Your little brother woke me up this morning excited to give me my Mother's Day present he made special for me. Wouldn't you know it. I opened my eyes to that sign. Thank You God for letting Jason send his sign.
Christian Glitter by www.christianglitter.com


Brother's Forever !!!!

The bond between my two sons was deeper than even I could explain. Jason was 18 when Corey was born. Our Corey was conceived around 3:30am February 15, 1996. My second marriage was February 14, 1996. We went out after to celebrate, and well we got home that night and made Corey. Exactly 7 years later, God took Jason Home. Leaving me with the message "The Lord Giveth, and Taketh Away" to have the deepest impact on my life. At the very hour that Jason died. Corey became very sick, and vomitted in his bed. He woke me up and told me he was sick. I cleaned him up and put him to bed with me. When the police came to tell us, that Jason had died. Little Corey stood there, expressionless as if he already knew.


We miss you Jason. Love, Mia, Mama, Corey & Ashley (Mother's Day - May 13,2007)


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